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1. Business Opportunity
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... Representative for puzzle and canvas photos - For taking orders till delivery of the products to end-consumer of your in-charge area.  ...
2. Manual/Bulk Order Form
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... Email: Contact (HP/Office) Delivery Address: ORDER DETAILS S/n Shemale Porn
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    Product Code     Product Description     Unit Price     Quantity     Total     Remarks (1) (2) (3) (Z) Shipping & ...
3. Shipping
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  (1) Delivery Service within Singapore Free local delivery services are provided and most of your orders will be sent by post by using Singapore Post Ltd. Available Delivery Options: (a) Non-registered ...
4. Terms & Conditions
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... no GST and prior to delivery charges). (3) We reserve the full right on any changes/updates of the followings: 1. Product pricing. 2. Exchange rate. 3. Rates charge for local delivery and overseas ...

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